Olive oil

Onion powder (about 1-2 onions depending on your taste)

3-4 chicken thighs 

Garlic powder (about 3-4 cloves depending on your taste) 

1 T ground paprika

1 t dried oregano

2 t ground cumin

1 t ground chilli 

1/2 packet of frozen peppers (I use Trader Joe’s)

1 tin diced toms

1 cup of quinoa rinsed plus 1 1/2 cups of water 

1 tin of red kidney beans

1 tin of white kidney beans

Salt (to taste)
Heat 4 T oil in a large based sauce pan. 

Add diced chicken thighs and cook till sealed. 

Add onion powder, garlic powder,paprika, oregano,cumin,chilli, and salt. Stir until well combined – a couple of minutes. 

Add tomatoes with juice, peppers, quinoa, water, kidney beans. 

Stir well and simmer until quinoa is cooked. Maybe 15-20 mins.