I used the above ingredients. 

6 cups crispy rice 

4 T margarine or similar

1 packet 10ozs marshmallows 

In a large saucepan add the marg. and the marshmallows. Heat slowly, stirring gently until melted. Remove from heat.  Gradually add the crispy rice combining thoroughly. This will take some elbow grease. 

Depending on how thick or thin you like your treats will depend on the size of tray you use. I used a 9×9 well greased tray. 

Put the contents of the pan into the well greased tray. Grease the back of a measuring cup and use that to press down firmly, getting into all the corners, and smoothing out a flat surface. 

Place in refrigerator to cool before turning out onto a cutting board and slicing into desired number of treats. 

Wrap remaining treats in grease proof paper or just put straight into a storage tub. 

16 cubes

142.5 Calories each

27 carbs each